Art Pro Audio TransY


Art Pro Audio TransY||Low noise, low THD discrete transistor audio path for incredibly detailed sound||Rotary Slope switches provide reliable, repeatable results||Detector loop with separate input and output jacks allows contoured compression||High resolution LED Gain Reduction||Hardwire bypass simplifies troubleshooting, even when power is lost||Link for stereo mode makes all CH1 controls the Master||Rugged, reliable steel chassis shields the preamp from external noise||Unique servo controlled FET gain reduction circuit||De-esser reduces sibilance when compressing vocals||10-segment peak sensitive Level meter can monitor either the Input or output||Custom Output Transformer reduces ground noise and maintains level for balance/unbalanced connections||+4/-10 I/O switch optimizes the S/N and operation with a wide range of equipment||Universal External supply with locking connector reduces noise and provides uninterrupted operation over a wide range of line voltages

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